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  • Lady Kairos

    20 Dec 2019 by

    Only the sea connects two worlds — Armatrice Lana. If you need a cozy and intimate space, for spending some romantic and adventurous time with your loved one, Kairos it’s perfect for you! She’s a 1978 beauty and all the wooden parts are still original. You’ll discover a new bizarre world inside! Come to enjoy… Read more

  • Hi! I’m Armatrice Lana

    20 Dec 2019 by

    Looking back on my childhood, I see a smiley little Federica lying in the crystal water of the Poetto beach in Cagliari. It was the summer of ’93, I wasn’t even three years old, but I have a vivid memory of myself learning to swim and relaxing on the water. I wondered why couldn’t we… Read more

  • What nautilife teaches us

    17 Nov 2020 by

    Living on a boat teaches us to choose wisely things before taking them on board, from clothes to food. I know what I am saying now can sound general and far from the topic of plant and animal life but let me be more specific: let’s think of the stuff in our house, things we… Read more

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